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Design Highlights at LJFW

18 May , 2016   Gallery

The waters have calmed down since the recent April 2016 edition of LJFW – Ljubljana Fashion Week, which means it is time to shake off the first impressions and take a closer look at the showcased collections. Each year LJFW is getting bigger and better, and this year was no exception. From all the amazing guests to the effort and energy that LJFW production team puts into the show itself. As a matter of fact – this year’s LJFW opened its door to general public by live streaming each and every single show on the big screen just outside the venue. In 4 days we saw over 20 shows of which today I will select my personal top 5. In this article I will go into detail about the collections that struck me the most, and I personally think were some of the most exciting.


YOUNG@SQUAT / Collection: Vincent & Christina
The collective of young fashion visionaries did not disappoint. Giving fresh designs and pushing the boundaries is always exciting to watch. For instance, dressing men in unconventional shapes such as oversized jackets and multi-functional laced trousers which can be reshaped and styled in different ways. The woman, on the other hand, keeps a very feminine silhouette, yet always with a twist. Flats paired with beanies give it that tomboy-ish and casual look without forcing it too much. In my opinion, this is the perfect example of young people designing clothes that other youngsters would want.


JANJA VIDEC / Collection: I N A N N A
Ljubljana meets New York. The colour scheme, the shapes, it is an urban woman on the go. Sophisticated and romantic at the same time makes the looks feel effortless. Commercial and yet special is the winning combination that Janja Videc achieved with this collection. The coats and dresses blend into one entity still expressing lightness.


ERIC MATYASH / Collection: Crossroads
Mixing of textures, shapes and prints make this collection stand out from the others. Striking the eye with the orange and toning it down with different techniques. Designs complement the female body with feminine silhouettes with an edge. No matter how you look at it the Eric Matyash’s woman always stands out with a cutting edge yet beautiful garment. Making the biggest impact are for sure the corsets and plastic jackets. It is a collection full of showstoppers.


DEJAN POPOVIĆ / Collection: Pockets full of stones
It is blue. Stepping away from the many subdued colour schemes used in many collections, this time the blue prevailed. Each outfit looks young, fun and eccentric. Dresses with intriguing patterns as well as toned down jumpsuits and skirts, this collection has it all – paying close attention to detail with the layering and the patterns the way it emphasizes different cuts. With the shades of blue designer Dejan Popovic manages to evoke memories of the ocean.


SANIJA REJA ASKE / Collection: ViennaWien
Playful but serious, optimistic yet melancholic is the vibe that these garments communicate. The black dresses, the coats, everything seems to complement the female body the best way possible. Elevating the looks are the bow accessories on heads and legs of the models, which complete the looks perfectly.


This season the designers showcased quite some spectacular pieces, furthermore the direction they took with their collections makes me feel excited to see what they will continue to bring us in the future. Also, I can not go without complimenting all the people who made the fashion possible including everyone behind the scenes and their great energy. Now as we slowly progress in our daily lives, we at the IDENTITY DRESS work hard to bring you new and exciting news as soon as possible, so thank you for staying with us.

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