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I feel the Dress

27 Nov , 2015  

Fashion exhibition narrating the story of Slovenian clothing culture and Slovenian identity through eight presented semblance

19 November – 13 December 2015, National Museum of Slovenia (Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU)

Accompanying exhibition for IDENTITY DRESS project, supported by the national Slovene brand I feel Slovenia


I Feel the Dress is an accompanying exhibition for the IDENTITY DRESS project. Installed in the hallway surrounding the atrium of the museum, the exhibition presents the identity of Slovenian clothing culture through eight women’s dresses.

The exhibited garments display the expressive sharpness of the Slovenian design through focus on local patterns. They illustrate the creativity of the Slovenian nation, integration and interweaving of history, nationality and individual’s identity. The social meaning of the clothing culture is in the foreground and it is revealing our attitude towards aesthetics in the broadest socially engaged sense.

In the contrast to today’s consumer orientation and the relentless desire for everything new, the I Feel the Dress exhibition focuses on the longing as the Slovenian cultural function. The garment surpasses its excessive commercial character and becomes a culturally important product. As an illustration of participation, creativity and addressing the Slovenian identity, the garment becomes an art form. It can be completely casual, sometimes extreme, gazing into dreams, the future or the past. The common denominator of all garments is the perfect integration into the space they were created in and for which they were created. The exhibition visualizes the I Feel Slovenia story, a story of exceptional individuals, who are contributing towards Slovenian identity with creative passion.

Find below the eight selected symbols of Slovenia showcased through dresses.



Slovenian men and women make their first appearance 1991, when the garment in the revolutionary sense becomes a design solution for the self in the new country. The silhouette of the little black dress La Métamorphose becomes a trigger for the matrix for the interweaving of the creator’s identity and cultural contexts in the IDENTITY DRESS project, which is born in 2013. For transformation and identity.


I FEEL IDENTITY, Eric Maj Potočnik & Matjaž Plošinjak, Eric Matyash / Ph: Jože Svetičič

Eric Matyash, little black dress, “La Métamorphose” collection, (spring-summer 2013)
Eric Maj Potočnik & Matjaž Plošinjak, 2012



Distinctiveness in the collective seems like a never ending issue for Slovenians. The one, who stands out, makes his mark abroad as well. He is not afraid when he steps onto the stage in his best garments and shows us what reality is through art. There, we have stared into ourselves, our past, future, excellence and honesty on several occasions. For distinctiveness.


I FEEL ARTS, Mateja Benedetti / Ph: Jože Svetičič

Costume for photo editorial for Rendez-Vous de la Mode (Rome, Italy, 2012)
Mateja Benedetti, 2012



The feeling of quality differs from being the same. Men’s suit competes with women’s dresses and sometimes a skirt is used to cover a man’s legs. For diversity and love.


I FEEL ACCEPTANCE, Uroš Belantič, Oktober / Ph: Jože Svetičič

Oktober, “Stewardesses” for the performance of Sestre at the Eurosong music festival in 2002
Uroš Belantič, 2002



When industry blossoms, creativity is encouraged. The buyer is happy, satisfied, and most of all recognized. He does not wonder about his heritage because he is enjoying the moment. But when the choice is taken away, everything becomes nostalgia. For heritage, always and again deus ex machina.


I FEEL HERITAGE, Mura / Ph: Jože Svetičič

Mura dress
Mura, probably from the 1970s era



History or new? Past or future? Longing is always in the forefront. The Slovenian myth gives us space to enjoy the uncertainty and lets tradition to form with the present. For everything new and dusting of tradition.


I FEEL TRADITION, traditional garment from the central region of Slovenia / Ph: Jože Svetičič

Traditional garment from the central region of Slovenia
(owned by Academy Folklore Group France Marolt)



The history once saw the Earth as a disk, leaning on the backs of three elephants, on a turtle in the middle of the ocean. Today, some people still see the heaven as reality in an overturned glass. For courage and fresh voices.


I FEEL NEW STRENGTHS, Maja Leskovšek / Ph: Jože Svetičič

Maja Leskovšek, collection “The future overcomes numbers” (fall – winter 2015/2016)
I feel Slovenia brand award at the Ljubljana Fashion Week 2015
Maja Leskovšek, 2015



In its homogenous position, to be free of concepts of diversity or sameness, undamaged in its originality. “Soul on the palm of my hand… even if it hurts.” For purity.


I FEEL PURENESS, Zoran Garevski / Ph: Jože Svetičič

Garevski, collection for fall – winter 2012/2013
Zoran Garevski, 2012



The ability to endure and exist, as well as to know when an identity needs new elements. Buy less, choose well, make it last. For integration in thoughtful and environmentally friendly choices.


I FEEL IDENTITY, Nika Ravnik, niOka / Ph: Jože Svetičič

N°0 collection, “Zero waste” dress (spring-summer 2015), niOka
Nika Ravnik, 2014


Curator: Eric Maj Potočnik
Text: Denis Pucelj
Garments selection: Nina Jagodic, Matjaž Plošinjak, Eric Maj Potočnik
Set design: Sabina Belak, Jernej Orhini
Photo: Jože Svetičič
Cover photo: Matej&Katarina


I feel Slovenia

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