ID2015: Baiba Ladiga - Kobayashi, Matic Veler & Loredana Bahorić

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ID2015: Baiba Ladiga – Kobayashi, Matic Veler & Loredana Bahorić

9 Jan , 2016   Gallery

And right before the third edition of the IDENTITY DRESS exhibition reaches its end, let’s focus on the last three partaking creatives: Baiba Ladiga – Kobayashi, Matic Veler & Loredana Bahorić. Plus just a quick reminder: the exhibition closes on Sunday, 10 January 2016 at 6 PM!



For the first time IDENTITY DRESS is presenting a designer from one of the Baltic states. Her name is Baiba Ladiga – Kobayashi, a noted creative based in Riga, Latvia. After graduating at the Art Academy of Latvia in 2004 she has been working as a versatile fashion professional  – as a freelance designer, stylist and even a fashion illustrator. Between 2007 and 2012 she held a position of a fashion design lecturer at Raffles Design Institute in Shanghai (China). After returning to Riga she focused in developing her own ready-to-wear brand Baiba Ladiga, launching her first womenswear collection for autumn-winter 2014 at Riga Fashion Week. Often inspired by architecture, art and geometry, Baiba has always been interested in conceptual design. She believes fashion should follow human needs and not the opposite. Skillful garment construction combined with exploration of shapes and forms result a minimalist, often unisex contemporary designs. In the past she has been awarded at numerous design competitions including Mittelmoda, Maredimoda, and China Cup. Her spring-summer 2015 collection was showcased at the Fashion Week Poland, Fashionclash Maastricht festival, as weel as at Brillante – the fundraising fashion show at London Fashion Week, and as part of the Be Next Showroom in Paris.


Baiba Ladiga - Kobayashi / Photo: Nikola Borissov


MATIC VELER (Slovenia)

At this time Matic Veler is working on his MA in fashion design at the University of Natural Sciences in Ljubljana. Being one of the rising stars of the Slovenian fashion he successfully interlaces old tradition with modern technology. Dressmaking has been part of his life since ever, as he grew up in a family with a tailoring family business. In the last few years he has focused in designing laser cut dresses of contemporary, even avant-garde silhouettes, creating audacious forms made of unconventional combinations of materials. The base of his creative process is always the material. The basic ideas are being re-shaped while working with the material, exploring forms and techniques. Fashion croquis is finally designed when a garment starts to reach its final form. Matic Veler has showcased his designs at various fashion shows and exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad, including the student shows at Ljubljana Fashion Week. In 2013 he received the Best young Balkan designers award at Skopje Design Week, following by the Special achievements award of the University of Natural Sciences in Ljubljana. He also recently competed for the estimated Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana award for new emerging designers.


Matic Veler / Photo: Peter Giodani



Croatian brand Charlie Design was founded in 1987 by Loredana Bahorić. Since her graduation at the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb (Croatia) she has actively been involved in the Croatian fashion. Her designs are unique, refined and very distinctive, yet they seem as the complete opposite of the typical mainstream aesthetics of the Balkans. And so is she. Loredana is a true lady with a crystal clear vision, not to even mention decades of experience in the world of fashion. With her consistent work, enthusiasm and even her flashy style, she has become an icon of Croatian and regional fashion scene. One could affirm she perfectly embodies the philosophy of her brand. Charlie Design is characterised by monochromatic minimalism, high quality production and a perfect balance between architectural avant-garde and ready-to-wear. Even though designs by Loredana Bahorić are mostly black, white, or black and white, nothing is there by plain coincidence. As the fil-rouge the shapes of Charlie Design collections are mostly supported with various nuances and structures, enriching the sense of diversity and three dimensional forms.


Loredana Bahorić, Charlie Design


Eighteen designers, eighteen personalities, eighteen identities at IDENTITY DRESS 2015. But please stay tuned for detailed interviews with partaking designers!


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