ID2015: Dajana Ljubičić, Yong Kyun Shin, Stefán Orschel-Read

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ID2015: Dajana Ljubičić, Yong Kyun Shin & Stefán Orschel-Read

7 Oct , 2015   Gallery

It is time to announce some more designers who are about to create their own IDENTITY DRESS for the 3rd edition of the project: Dajana Ljubičić, Yong Kyun Shin, and Stefán Orschel-Read, internationally recognised talents of the new generation.



The design aesthetics of Dajana Ljubičić is aware of human body, focused in its form, although extremely diverse when following her work through time. She has been surrounded with fashion, garments production and fabrics since she was a child – Dajana’s mother herself used to sew almost all the clothes Dajana wore in her childhood. After working as a model in Italy for a few seasons, she decided to return to Ljubljana to study industrial design at Academy of fine Arts and Design. Soon after she started studying fashion design at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering as well. In 2010 Dajana Ljubičić won the Levi’s Award at the Mittelmoda Fashion Award and worked as an intern at Levi Strauss design studio in Brussels (Belgium) for a year. Nowadays  Dajana is also working as a costume designer and stylist, she is a member of Squat design group and has recently accepted a new career challenge in Indonesia.


Dajana Ljubičić (Slovenia) / Photo: Peter Giodani


YONG KYUN SHIN / YKS (South Korea)

Seoul based designer Yong Kyun Shin can easily be labeled as one of the most intriguing names of the South Korean fashion scene. He has been interested in arts since ever – from drawing, painting and sculpturing, to photography and film making. His father encouraged him to focus in fashion, so Yong decided to study fashion at Central Saint Martins (UK). As a student he won the Fashion Special Prize at the International Talent Support in 2010, and graduated from womenswear two years later, passionately exploring layering in order to create geometric, yet organic three-dimensional forms. Back in South Korea, Yong won the Top Designer Award 2013, which helped him launch a commercial line Alogon, whereas he continues exploring new and avant-garde design techniques within his own line YKS. With YKS Spring-Summer 2014 collection he made his independent debut at London Fashion Week and was also among the finalists of the Designer for Tomorrow 2014 fashion award.


Yong Kyun Shin (South Korea)


STEFÁN ORSCHEL-READ (United Kingdom / Hong Kong)

India born, Scotland raised, London trained, and (currently) Hong Kong based Stefán Orschel-Read is a man of many talents. While studying law his wish of exploring fashion grew to the point he shifted from law to design. He graduated from the Central Saint Martin‘s in 2008 with an honours degree in menswear fashion and completed a Masters at the Royal College of Art. Instead of accepting elite design job offers he focused in developing his own label Orschel-Read, making his ready-to-wear debut at London Fashion Week in 2009. A three times NewGen support program finalist is a hard-working perfectionist combining traditional classic British tailoring ideas with a contemporary, even avant-garde twist. As a designer he tends to convey his own identity through his designs, letting them become his signature – the concept parallel to the idea of IDENTITY DRESS. In 2011 Stefán Orschel-Read was appointed consultant head designer at Danish formalwear label Alsinger Copenhagen, and has designed uniforms for the Chinese government. He is currently working as fashion design and fashion marketing programme director at Raffles School of Continuing Education in Hong Kong (China). And in case your jaw has not yet dropped to the floor, let us mention he was a gold medal winning dressage rider for Great Britain too!


Stefán Orschel-Read (United Kingdom / Hong Kong)


Please stay tuned for the next article presenting three designers from the Netherlands taking part in the 3rd edition of IDENTITY DRESS!


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Eric is the author of the IDENTITY DRESS concept. He has been working within various fields of arts and creative industries for over a decade. As a fashion designer and stylist he represents one half of the design duo Eric Matyash, currently focused in the international development of the brand. Prior establishing IDENTITY DRESS as an independent platform he held the position of a fashion editor at design festival Month of Design Ljubljana. Eric likes to wear his shirts fully buttoned, adores sighthounds, and would kill for a good slice of pavlova cake!

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