IDENTITY DRESS 2015: Jolka Wiens, Judith van Vliet Nikki Duijst

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ID2015: Jolka Wiens, Judith van Vliet & Nikki Duijst

1 Nov , 2015   Gallery

We present you the next three partaking designers at the 3rd edition of IDENTITY DRESS. All young, ambitious, talented, and based in the Netherlands: Jolka Wiens, Judith van Vliet and Nikki Duijst.


JOLKA WIENS (Germany / the Netherlands)

The Netherlands based designer Jolka Wiens with German roots, graduated from Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam back in 2012 with BA in design. Working as a design assistant at MATTIJS led her to successfully participate at the Vogue Young Vision Award by Vogue IT in 2012. Finding her inspiration in the body movement and face expression, combining them with her minimalist and sculptural aesthetics led to several collaborations with MUUSE, including her Spring-Summer 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Mixing traditional techniques, such as knitting, with the modern ones, Jolka achieves to expose the sophisticated rawness of the subdued colour palette. Her garments are a minimalist joy to watch as one gets lost in details, creating the effortless overall image.


Jolka Wiens (Germany / Netherlands) / Photo: Cindy Baar


JUDITH VAN VLIET (the Netherlands)

Graduating in 2012 with her very well reviewed collection “The Western Uniformity” Judith set herself on an exciting creative journey. Establishing her own brand in June 2014 and presenting her first collection named “The Excidium” at FASHIONCLASH Maastricht Festival, with the help and collaboration of shoe and accessories designer Chris van Den Elzen, was a success. Together they won the Cologne Catwalk Award at Cologne Fashion Days 2014. In 2015 they teamed up once more to create the “Dark Depths” collection showcased at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam. Her playful approach to different materials and techniques results in eye captivating unconventional garments inspired by art, architecture and nature. Judith van Vliet keeps people infatuated by always walking on a thin line between wearability and arts.


Judith van Vliet (Netherlands) / Photo: Monica Stuurop


NIKKI DUIJST (the Netherlands)

Her thirst for knowledge led Nikki Duijst to join labels such as Jantine van Peski and A.F.Vandevorst as an intern. During her internships she discovered her enthusiasm for textiles and secured her spot at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. With her collection “As We Seek Our Face” she graduated with honours in 2015. The concept behind this particular collection was the search of one self’s uniqueness in the modern days, overruled by the criticism and conformist power of social media. With that collection Nikki won the Dutch Talent Award supported by Lichting and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam in July 2015. She elevates her romantic and soft silhouettes with bold details and prints, passionately recreating the curiosity of things present all around us.


Nikki Duijst (Netherlands) / Photo: Ferry van der Nat


Please stay tuned for the next article presenting three designers of the Southeast Europe taking part in the 3rd edition of IDENTITY DRESS!


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