IDENTITY DRESS 2015 designers: Leandro Cano, Yojiro Kake, Derek Lawlor

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ID2015: Leandro Cano, Yojiro Kake & Derek Lawlor

16 Sep , 2015   Gallery

As the 3rd edition of IDENTITY DRESS is getting closer every day, we would like to share with you the first three among designers taking part this year. Alongside those who will create their own IDENTITY DRESS are:  Leandro Cano, Yojiro Kake and Derek Lawlor.



Spain has always been a home for incredibly high number of expressively distinctive creatives. Speaking of fashion, the design aesthetic of Leandro Cano speaks a story of itself. Turning images from his dreams into reality, while paying attention to details in a couture manner and exploring the volume perspectives, combining tradition with innovative approach, resulted in his almost rapid international recognition. Among others, he has yet showcased his work within Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, furthermore he won the Designer for Tomorrow Award in 2012, hosted by Marc Jacobs. In 2015 Leandro Cano launched his prêt-à-porter line LUKE by Leandro Cano.


Spanish designer Leandro Cano / Photo: Miralla y Calf


YOJIRO KAKE (Japan/Italy)

Garments designed by a Japanese designer Yojiro Kake seem as creations capturing emotions of a moment. Optimistic, even joyful multi-layered prints dance with melancholic darkness. East meets west creating passionate relationship, a balanced tension. Whether inspired by music, film, or people themselves, Yojiro artfully manoeuvres between avant-garde showstopper garments and equally unique ready-to-wear. After graduating at Ueda college of fashion in Osaka, Japan, he continued to study at Polimoda in Florence, Italy. In Italy he established his label in 2012 and has been showcasing his collections at FashionClash festival for the last two years.


Italy based Japanese designer Yojiro Kake / Photo: Diane Pernet, ASVOF


DEREK LAWLOR (United Kingdom)

Central Saint Martins has been helping numerous highly creative design talents to shape their skills and express their own design identities. Derek Lawlor, London based fashion designer, is one of them. His 2009 MA collection exploring three dimensional structures still proves him a revolutionist in knitwear. Ever since, he has been creating intelligently designed, innovative, yet excitingly attractive and unpredictable knitwear, and showcasing it seasonally at London Fashion Week. Among his career highlights there is a collaboration with The Royal Balet, IDENTITY DRESS 2013 designer Lara Jensen, and Marimekko.


British designer Derek Lawlor / Photo: Natasha Alipour-Faridani


Please stay tuned for more designers taking part in the 3rd edition of IDENTITY DRESS!


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