Opening show of the IDENTITY DRESS 2014 / Photo: Helena Milost @ Month of Design Ljubljana

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11 Aug , 2015   Gallery

The success of the first edition of IDENTITY DRESS, an enthusiastic creative experiment with a diverse palette of international design talents involved, indicated a great potential of the concept. Keeping the coherence of the basic idea, the second edition of IDENTITY DRESS was brought to life as one of the major program components of the international festival for creative industries Month of Design Ljubljana 2014 (Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU). One basic dress pattern cut, many interpretations! The exhibition with its opening show was undoubtedly a true fashion-related highlight in the region.


IDENTITY DRESS is all about showcasing diversity in design. There are as many unique interpretations as there are designers. Being focused into some of the most expressive and conceptually oriented ones, project curators Eric Maj Potočnik and Matjaž Plošinjak carefully selected and invited a palette of brands and individuals from all over the globe, among which 18 took part in the second edition of the project.

IDENTITY DRESS 2014 designers: Adam Jones (United Kingdom), Ana Ljubinković (Serbia), Asa Kazingmei (India), Assaad Awad (Spain), Chisung Ihn (Japan), Cliché (Slovenia), David Bacali (Slovenia), Divka (Japan), D’Ora Tokai (Monaco), Emre Tamer (Austria/Turkey), Halina Mrożek (Poland), Je Suis Belle (Hungary), Little Shilpa (India), Ljiljana Majkić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Ludus (Macedonia), Marius Janusauskas (Belgium), Martinez Lierah (France), and Wisharawish (Thailand).


IDENTITY DRESS 2014 by: Cliché (Slovenia), Asa Kazingmei (India), Marius Janusauskas (Belgium) / Photo: Vid Voršič

IDENTITY DRESS 2014: Cliché, Asa Kazingmei, Marius Janusauskas  /  Photo: Vid Voršič


One might say the 2014 edition highlighted the East, from European countries formerly considered as the Eastern bloc – such as Poland, Hungary and countries of the former Yugoslavia, to Asian countries – such as Japan, Thailand and India. This is, however, only a coincidence. Designers are being invited to take part based on their creativity only, not their nationality, ethnicity, or any other factor. Furthermore, it is no surprise some great design talents of the 2014 edition come from some of the most design-aware European countries, such as France, Spain, United Kingdom and Belgium. See all 18 dresses of the IDENTITY DRESS 2014 edition in the gallery below:


Photos above created by:
//  creative director: Eric Maj Potočnik
//  photographer: Vid Voršič
//  stylist: Matjaž Plošinjak
//  model: Zlata Okugić
//  hair stylist: Aska Kajtazovič @ Mič Styling
//  makeup artist: Nina Jordanovski
//  assistant: Tina Tomšič
//  shoes: United Nude


The opening show of the exhibition took place as the final event of the Day of Fashion Design at Month of Design Ljubljana 2014, on 7 October 2014, located inside the abandoned printing facility Mladinska knjiga, designed by Savin Sever, one of the most iconic Slovenian architects of the post WWII era. The opening show was set as an artistic experience with dresses of all 18 designers individually showcased on a model one by one, accompanied by a live music performance of All Strings Detached duo in collaboration with iztokd.


IDENTITY DRESS 2014: Final Layout / Photo: Helena Milost @ MoDLJIDENTITY DRESS 2014: Final Layout  /  Photo: Helena Milost @ MoDLJ


Once all dresses being showcased models started to leave the runway one by one again, being replaced by tailors’ dummies dressed into the same dresses. The exhibition itself got set up through the show. The exhibition came to a close on 6 November 2014, alongside with the festival. Please see photos of the IDENTITY DRESS 2014 opening event in the gallery below:


And in case you might wish to get a real impression on what the opening show was all about, here is its live stream recording.


IDENTITY DRESS 2014 was brought to life with support of the following project partners:

I Feel Slovenia


G-3 Spirits

Japan Tobacco International


United Nude


Month of Design Ljubljana


As previously mentioned IDENTITY DRESS 2014 opening show was the final event of the Day of Fashion Design at 11th Month of Design Ljubljana. Eric Maj Potočnik, fashion editor of the 2013 and 2014 editions of the mentioned festival also organised various fashion related content accompanying the exhibition. The day started with brunch of IDENTITY DRESS designers and special guests of the festival. It continued with contact tables, short business-related meetings i.e. fashion speed dating for fashion professionals, buyers, manufacturers, media representatives etc. After a short break the venue offered an interview with Branko Popović, co-founder and creative director of the FashionClash, international fashion design festival for aspiring fashion talents in Maastrich, Netherlands. The afternoon continued with a panel discussion. Hostess Maša Kljun discussed the identity in fashion with Nina Jagodic (fashion editor & stylist; Slovenia), Jennifer Sutton (fashion event manager @ Artefashion Museum; USA), previously mentioned Branko Popović (Netherlands), Feyrouz Ashoura (designer & talent hunter; Luxembourg), Aljoša Bagola (creative director @ Pristop advertising; Slovenia), and Matjaž Plošinjak (fashion designer, former editor @ Month of Design Ljubljana and co-curator of the IDENTITY DRESS project; Slovenia).


The opening of the 3rd edition of IDENTITY DRESS will take place on 19 November 2015 at the National Museum of Slovenia, in Ljubljana (Slovenia, EU). The exhibition will be open to public until 13 December 2015. Stay tuned for more updates!


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Eric is the author of the IDENTITY DRESS concept. He has been working within various fields of arts and creative industries for over a decade. As a fashion designer and stylist he represents one half of the design duo Eric Matyash, currently focused in the international development of the brand. Prior establishing IDENTITY DRESS as an independent platform he held the position of a fashion editor at design festival Month of Design Ljubljana. Eric likes to wear his shirts fully buttoned, adores sighthounds, and would kill for a good slice of pavlova cake!

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