NE[S]KONČNO NEIZBRISLJIV, LJFW Homage to Zoran Garevski / Ph: Klemen Razinger


Dark, minimal, romantic. Zoran Garevski

4 Nov , 2016   Gallery


LJFW, Ljubljana Fashion Week is often about the pomp and circumstance of the runway. However, in the midst of model euphoria there was an amazing intimate exhibit, titled NE[S]KONČNO_NEIZBRISLJIV (trans. INFINITELY_INDELIBLE), dedicated to the late Slovenia based fashion designer – Zoran Garevski. It took place in the atrium of the city hall of Ljubljana, 20 – 24 September 2016.


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LJFW - Ljubljana Fashion Week / Ph: Jure Makovec, LJFW

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Design Highlights at LJFW

18 May , 2016   Gallery

The waters have calmed down since the recent April 2016 edition of LJFW – Ljubljana Fashion Week, which means it is time to shake off the first impressions and take a closer look at the showcased collections. More…

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LJFW Ljubljana Fashion Week April 2016

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Time for LJFW, April 2016 Edition

13 Apr , 2016   Video

Today, Wednesday, April the 13th seems like a great start for LJFW – Ljubljana Fashion Week as the almost summer like temperatures liven up the mood and set a long awaited anticipation to rest with today’s opening. Moving from last year’s location on Kongresni trg to a brand new space, Trg republike, is most exciting as the possibilities for providing an unforgettable experience are made.


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IDENTITY DRESS Cockta Black Gin&Tonic Afterwork

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28 Dec , 2015   Gallery

As you might already know the IDENTITY DRESS 2015 has been extended and will be enriching the atrium of the National Museum of Slovenia until 10 January 2016. And since the new year is just around the corner we invited our friends, followers and partners to join us for some pre-holiday socialising at our afterwork party.


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Customize your own Toyota

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Customize your own Toyota

1 Dec , 2015  

In collaboration with Toyota Center Ljubljana, the IDENTITY DRESS 2015 partner, our team designed a creative challenge for our local public, fans and project followers in Slovenia! Pimp the new Toyota Yaris Hybrid with your own design identity and win a very special prize!


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I feel New Strengths, Maja Leskovšek

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I feel the Dress

27 Nov , 2015  

Fashion exhibition narrating the story of Slovenian clothing culture and Slovenian identity through eight presented semblance

19 November – 13 December 2015, National Museum of Slovenia (Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU)

Accompanying exhibition for IDENTITY DRESS project, supported by the national Slovene brand I feel Slovenia


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I feel the Dress at IDENTITY DRESS

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Eight dresses of Slovene identity

18 Nov , 2015  

The 3rd edition of the IDENTITY DRESS exhibition is right behind the corner. And should you decide to visit it, make sure to also put an eye on accompanying exhibition I feel the Dress, supported by I feel Slovenia, the national brand of the Republic of Slovenia!


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IDENTITY DRESS 2014 Ana Ljubinković

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Ana Ljubinković

30 Sep , 2015   Gallery

Ana Ljubinković’s name was no stranger to me. In fact, as a buyer I had come across her work that got me right at the first glance. Her dramatic yet playful use of colours, shapes and details felt intriguing. I never got to meet her in person, but I must tell I admire her path so far and her approach to fashion, in a limited market, in a limited industry. To me Ana represents the fighter, she knows why she is here to design for; without compromising her ideals and visions she manages to break through in her region and domain.


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IDENTITY DRESS Nika ravnik niOka

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Nika Ravnik, designer @ niOka

13 Aug , 2015   Gallery

I met Nika Ravnik, Ljubljana based designer of niOka at the first edition of IDENTITY DRESS back in October 2013. To be more precise we were both part of the selection and happened to sit in front of each other at the welcome lunch that the IDENTITY DRESS team had organised for us. Her friendliness and simplicity struck me right away; when she talked to me she had a huge smile and we started chatting and getting to know each other over the meal.


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IDENTITY DRESS inspiration


Embracing the limits

11 Aug , 2015  

What does it mean to be constrained within outside imposed boundaries? 

Life is unpredictable. We are living amongst an ecosystem with trillions of components in which we are constantly exposed to an almost infinite number of outside factors that can just happen in a second and transform the rest of our life forever, by sometimes changing the course to somehow very drastic angles and directions.


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