Detail of IDENTITY DRESS by Emre Tamer


IDENTITY DRESS 2015 in progress!

11 Aug , 2015  

It is official! The 3rd edition of IDENTITY DRESS project goes independent!

IDENTITY DRESS 2015 exhibition with its opening show will take place on 19 November 2015 at the National Museum of Slovenia, Ljubljana, and will stay there until 13 December 2015.


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Main staircase of the museum

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National Museum of Slovenia, no ghosts but lots of stories

11 Aug , 2015   Gallery

While I was working on this article I went to the National Museum of Slovenia for about four times in a row, so one of their employees already asked me if I was becoming their daily visitor… I think my last visit dates back to my primary school years, so re-visiting it after quite a long time made me think about the attitude towards our own history. Are we aware enough of our national history? Are we proud of it?


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