IDENTITY DRESS 2015 designers: Leandro Cano, Yojiro Kake, Derek Lawlor

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ID2015: Leandro Cano, Yojiro Kake & Derek Lawlor

16 Sep , 2015   Gallery

As the 3rd edition of IDENTITY DRESS is getting closer every day, we would like to share with you the first three among designers taking part this year. Alongside those who will create their own IDENTITY DRESS are:  Leandro Cano, Yojiro Kake and Derek Lawlor.


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Assaad Awad plays Balenciaga / Source:

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Assaad Awad Plays Balenciaga

16 Aug , 2015   Gallery

Assaad Awad is, without a doubt, a distinctive name of the Madrid fashion scene. With his unique conceptual approach on design, bold aesthetics and uncompromising devotion in supporting craftsmanship, this IDENTITY DRESS 2014 designer has recently contributed to Museo del Traje, the garment museum of Spain. Based on a selection of designs by the legendary Cristóbal Balenciaga, Assaad created an hommage to “the master of us all”, as Balenciaga got respectfully labelled by the infamous monsieur Dior.


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