Team behind the project

IDENTITY DRESS is an independent fashion design project showcasing internationally relevant ideas. Supported by its opening show the exhibition transforms into a unique artistic experience. The project and its online platform are being brought to life by a group of noted creatives. This is who we are:


Eric Maj Potočnik, IDENTITY DRESS Creative Director & Co-curator
Eric Maj Potočnik

creative director & co-curator editor-in-chief

Eric is the author of the IDENTITY DRESS concept. He has been working within various fields of arts and creative industries for over a decade. As a fashion designer and stylist he represents one half of the design duo Eric Matyash, currently focused in the international development of the brand. Prior establishing IDENTITY DRESS as an independent platform he held the position of a fashion editor at design festival Month of Design Ljubljana. Eric likes to wear his shirts fully buttoned, adores sighthounds, and would kill for a good slice of pavlova cake!


Matjaž Plošinjak, IDENTITY DRESS Producer & Co-curator
Matjaž Plošinjak
co-curator & producer
online contributor

Besides being co-curator of IDENTITY DRESS and occasionally taking care of its online content, Matjaž is a fashion designer and stylist, working together with Eric within their brand Eric Matyash. In the past few years he held the position of fashion and design curator of the design festival Month of Design Ljubljana. Coffee+cigarette is this tall boy’s all-time morning routine, but not without a decent breakfast though… And some fab vintage eyewear!


Tina Tomšič, IDENTITY DRESS Event Producer

Tina Tomšič

producer & partnership implementation manager

Tina is supporting curators to help them make their vision come true, also taking care of project partnership relations. Not only she is one truly chic mademoiselle, Tina is also great at solving the unpleasant mission impossibles in the most relaxed way possible. And quite an expert when it comes to wine!


Feyrouz Ashoura, IDENTITY DRESS Online Contributor and International PR
Feyrouz Ashoura

international PR
online contributor

Feyrouz considers herself as a fashion sculptor, graduated in couture at École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques in Paris. She also worked as a talent hunter for a Dubai based fashion store and managed to network with many aspiring fashion designers from around the globe. Feyrouz is in love with carefully selected vintage garments, but to keep it simple – offering her anything containing avocado or coconut makes her feel like on a rainbow!


Maja Lempl Nukić
Maja Lempl Nukić

project assistant
online contributor

Maja is a project assistant and an online contributor at IDENTITY DRESS. After studying fashion design in Slovenia and UK she got interested in costume design. Currently living in Ljubljana she is a dresser at the Slovenian National Theatre Drama, flirting with the peak of Slovene male actors on a daily basis.


Teo Benedetič, IDENTITY DRESS PR Assistant and Online Contributor
Teo Benedetič
PR assistant
online contributor

Teo has become an irreplaceable member of the team, supporting the PR staff and co-creating our online content. A pacifist with apt and to the point approach is studying Japanese language and can hardly be seen wearing anything but black.


Viktorija Lešnik, IDENTITY DRESS Project Assistant
Viktorija Lešnik

project assistant

Viktorija has been part of the team since the second edition of the project, supporting curators and dealing with various tasks as a true general dogsbody. Interior design student with a lot of patience towards her not-too-obedient laptop.


To get in touch with us, please use the contact form page. We will do our best to reply as soon as possible.