International fashion design exhibition exploring creativity, launched by a distinctive opening show, located in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia (EU)



IDENTITY DRESS is a creative experiment with a palette of highly expressive international fashion designers involved. Curated by Eric Maj Potočnik & Matjaž Plošinjak, the project discovers possibilities of expression in design when limited by a strictly defined form.

Based on the same pattern cut, each participant, whether a young aspiring talent or a well established designer, creates a dress that defines him. Pattern cut as a blank canvas waiting in the painter’s studio, dress as a complete painting. Pattern cut as empty sheets of paper, dress as a story written onto. Dress as the signature of its creator; as a reflection of his personality.

The opening in the form of a live design installation, through which the exhibition is set up, enhances the formation of designs created. The exhibition transforms into experience.



The project with its narrative touch tends to establish itself as one of the fashion-related highlights in South-Eastern Europe. The first edition of the experiment was presented to the public in 2013 and instantly got noticed by relevant design & lifestyle related media, creative industries professionals and general public as well. Editions in years 2013 and 2014 were organised as one of the most prominent program components of the well established design festival Month of Design Ljubljana.

In 2015 IDENTITY DRESS takes a step forward as an independent, yet visible and influential design project in the region, showcasing internationally pertinent ideas. The venue chosen for its 3rd edition is within the National Museum of Slovenia, in the city centre of Ljubljana, capital city of Slovenia.